Friday, March 13, 2015

Universal Qi

According to the Pranic Healing's teachings by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, we can all utilize the "water pump" approach that allows us to energize others by using the Universal qi (aka energy) around us. With the help of the Universal qi, we will be able to sufficiently energize a subject without draining our own energy. This technique is extremely useful for those who are working as healers or healthcare professionals.

If you have learned or read some other healing teachings or concepts, you will find that this is a common concept to most healers when it comes to energy healing in general. Of course, some healers will also use their internal qi on top of the Universal qi. When I use Reiki or Quantum Touch on clients, I also tap into the Universal qi to allow energy flow through me to the subjects/clients. 

By allowing the Universal qi to flow through my body during a healing session as a practitioner, I am also allowing the qi to cleanse and energize (or re-balance) in my body as well. Therefore, I am helping myself while I am helping others. That is the main reason for my improved physical and emotional health over the last few years.


Importance of Qi Flow

Qi in different locations have different names according to the Chinese Medicine. Pectoral qi is flowing in chest, stomach qi is stored in middle jiao, genuine qi in lower jiao, and defensive qi is to protect the body (external protection from pathogenic factors). Human beings rely on qi in nature, seven emotions inside, and five elements movement outside.

When qi flow is being obstructed or disrupted, there will be imbalance in our body. That is the reason why we have to move our body by simply doing gentle exercise on regular basis besides eating health. Movement of our body helps move our qi.